Patti Taylor’s book, Mind the Gap, selected for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021

Patti was delighted to have her book of 22 etchings selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, which runs from 22nd September to 2nd January 2022.

Many of the photographs for the book (working title Man Spread) were taken on her tube journeys to and from her Textiles class at CityLit, when she became increasingly irritated at the amount of space some men took at the expense of women travel companions.

Patti with her book “Mind the Gap” on Varnishing Day

“Varnishing Day was such an uplifting experience,” she said, “and because we couldn’t take friends and family, and we were all so excited at being selected, we just chatted to each other. I met such interesting artists.” The selected artists, with the RA President and some Academicians, were led by a steel band across Piccadilly to a Service for Artists at St James’s Church, much to the bemusement of onlookers. This was followed by a Private View and Reception in the main galleries.

You can see Patti’s work in Room VII.

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