Veronica Thornton opens her studio in Cambridge, July 2021

Each year Cambridge artists can open their studios for four weekends in July. The public are invited to visit from 11am to 6pm each Saturday and Sunday, have some sense of the work space, talk to the artist and maybe buy some art.

This year Veronica opened her studio for the first two weekends in July and showed some of the work she had completed on the creative textiles course at CityLit. She had also made some new pieces using Spanish shirts and deconstructed fans. To explain her inspiration for the project on the Spanish Civil War she displayed some sinister black hats and a jacket that was returned from the war with a bullet hole in the back! This gave her a talking point with all the visitors and helped them understand the context of the work.

She also framed samples from the coastal erosion project, She was pleased with how they looked and they sold well. Using an embellisher she had made many cards of small textile collages which also sold well.

As Open Studios was cancelled last year it was good to be up and running again this summer.

Instagram: @veronicathornton99

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